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Friends - The Complete Tenth Season

Season Details
The tenth season closes up several storylines; Joey and Rachel try to contend with Ross' feelings about them being together. However, consummating the relationship becomes disastrous, and they decide to remain friends. Charlie decides to return to Benjamin Hobart (Greg Kinnear), her old flame, and from whom Ross was trying to obtain a research grant. Monica and Chandler decide to adopt a child, and meet Erica, a birth mother from Ohio (played by Anna Faris). Erica gives birth to twins in the series finale. Phoebe and Mike get married towards the end of the season and Rachel takes a job based in Paris. Ross declares his love for her and they resume their relationship (not making any mistakes this time) in the season finale, while Monica and Chandler move out of their apartment into the suburbs. Joey is upset that everything is changing. Rachel still gets on the plane even with Ross' confessions, but later appears at his apartment door admitting she loves him too. In the series finale, at the end, a tearful Rachel says 'Shall we go get some coffee?' to which Chandler responds, Sure. Where? (the last words spoken on the show).

Friends Season 10 Episode Guide

Episode Description
#1The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss
Rachel and Joey decide to talk to Ross about their relationship. Monica comes up with an interesting way to deal with her hair problem, but Chandler hates it. Phoebe helps Mike break up with his girlfriend by the name of 'Precious', (Anne Dudek).
#2The One Where Ross Is Fine
Ross pretends to be fine with Joey and Rachel's relationship, but deep down he's really hurt. Chandler accidentally tells Phoebe's friends son that he was adopted. Phoebe gets a visit from Frank Jr. and the triplets.
#3The One with Ross's Tan
Ross gets confused while getting a spray-on tan, resulting in his front being heavily tanned while his back is left untouched. Joey and Rachel decide dating each other is too weird. Monica and Phoebe try unsuccessfully to 'cut out' a former friend, Amanda.
#4The One with the Cake
Ross and Rachel have a birthday party for Emma's first birthday. Rachel orders a special cake for Emma's first birthday - but there's been a mix-up at the bakery. Emma's birthday cake was supposed to be in the shape of a rabbit, but instead it was in the shape of a penis. The others all have other plans and want to leave the party early, though Rachel won't let them.
#5The One Where Rachel's Sister Baby-Sits
Rachel's sister Amy (Christina Applegate) baby-sits Emma, in order to prove to that she's responsible - with disastrous results. Mike attempts to propose to Phoebe numerous times. Monica and Chandler asks Rachel to write a letter of recommendation for them to their adoption agency. Joey feels left out that they didn't ask him, so they ask Joey to write the letter instead.
#6The One with Ross's Grant
Ross applies for a paleontology grant - and finds out Charlie's ex-boyfriend (Greg Kinnear) reviews the applications. Monica & Rachel fight over who has to take Phoebe's frightening masterpiece, Gladys. Joey tries to convince Chandler to get him into a commercial that Chandlers ad agency is making. Joey gives Chandler a video tape of all the commercials he has done to convince him to give him the part.
#7The One with the Home Study
The adoption agency sends a woman Joey slept with and never called to Monica and Chandler's apartment. Phoebe and Mike donate their wedding fund to charity, then have a change of heart. Ross attempts to help Rachel get over her fear of swings.
#8The One with the Late Thanksgiving
Monica and Chandler grudgingly agree to host Thanksgiving. They get angry when their friends show up late (Ross and Joey having gone to a game and Rachel and Phoebe having taken Emma to a baby beauty pageant), but their mood changes when they get good news from the adoption agency.
#9The One with the Birth Mother
Monica and Chandler meet the birth mother of their prospective child, but their files have been mixed up. Ross asks for fashion advice from Rachel and Phoebe for an upcoming date, but their shopping bags get mixed up. Joey goes on a date with a friend of Phoebe's, but the date does not go well.
#10The One Where Chandler Gets Caught
Rachel and Phoebe see Chandler with a blonde stranger and think he's having an affair. Monica and Chandler reveal their plans to buy a house outside the city.
#11The One Where the Stripper Cries
Monica and Rachel hire a male stripper (Danny DeVito) at the last minute for Phoebe's bachelorette party; but when he gets there, she makes the mistake of insulting him, resulting in the stripper crying. Ross and Chandler attend a college alumni reunion, where they argue about girls from their past resulting in a few revelations. Joey is a guest star on the television game show Pyramid and initially does horribly, until the final round.
#12The One with Phoebe's Wedding
Phoebe's stepdad can't come to the wedding, and one of Mike's grooms men drops out - events which spark a contest between Ross and Chandler to take up the respective positions.
#13The One Where Joey Speaks French
Phoebe tries to teach Joey how to speak French for a play. Rachel's dad has a heart attack, so goes to Long Island, accompanied by Ross, to visit him. Erica, the birth mother of Chandler and Monica's prospective child, comes for a visit and drops a bombshell.
#14The One with Princess Consuela
Rachel loses her job at Ralph Lauren when her boss catches her interviewing for a position at Gucci. She then gets a job offer in Paris. Newly married Phoebe tries to change her name to Princess Consuela Bananahammock; Mike has to find a way to change her mind.
#15The One Where Estelle Dies
Joey's agent dies, but the group doesn't want to tell him so Pheobe impersonates Estelle's voice and pretends to still be alive. Janice almost moves into the neighboring house Chandler and Monica are buying. Ross tries to get Rachel her old job back so she wouldn't have to move to Paris.
#16The One with Rachel's Going Away Party
Ross is hurt when Rachel says her goodbyes to everyone except him. Monica and Chandler start packing up their apartment and Chandler finds a pair of handcuffs and tries to find out who they belong to. Erica goes into labor.
#17The Last One, Part One
Phoebe and Joey pack Monica and Chandler's belongings as the couple accompany Erica, who went into labor at the end of the previous episode, to the hospital. Meanwhile, Rachel leaves Ross' bedroom after their apparent reunion in the previous episode.
#18The Last One, Part Two
Ross and Phoebe race to the airport to tell Rachel of his feelings - but she gets on the plane anyway. She then has a change of heart and reconciles with Ross. Erica gives birth to twins Jack and Erica. The friends turn in their keys to Monica and Chandler's apartment and go out for one last coffee all together.
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