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Heroes - Season Two

Season Details
Season two featured 11 out of a planned 24 episodes which aired on Mondays at 9:00 pm in the United States beginning on September 24, 2007. Only 11 out of the planned 24 episodes were broadcast due to the WGA writers' strike. Season two consisted of the second volume in the series, titled "Generations". Season two ended with its finale on December 3, 2007. Volume two begins four months after the events of Kirby Plaza. The main plot arc of "Generations" deals with the Company and its research on the Shanti virus. This research is explored through the Company's founders, whose identities are revealed, as well as through the effects of various strains of the virus. The "heroes" ultimately come together in an attempt to stop the release of a deadly strain of the virus and avert a global pandemic. Season 2 was originally going to comprise three volumes, however due to the writer's strike, the season was redesigned to only encompass one volume called "Generations". Originally Volume 3 was going to be called "Exodus", and Volume 4 was going to be called "Villains". As a result of the writers' strike, Volume 3 was changed to "Villains" and moved into season three. The "Exodus" story arc, which was originally designed to be a story arc reflecting the effects of the release of strain 138 of the Shanti virus, was canceled. Scenes from the volume two finale "Powerless", were reshot to reflect the cancellation of the "Exodus" volume, and to tie-up all the loose plot storylines of "Generations."

Heroes Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode Description
#1Four Months Later...
In March 2007, Suresh and Bennet are conspiring to bring the Company down. Suresh is hired by Bob Bishop of the Company. The Bennets have moved from Texas to California. Parkman has divorced his wife, because she was pregnant from her affair, and is raising Molly with Suresh. Molly has been having nightmares about a man who can see her. Hiro meets his hero Kensei in 1671 Japan, who is actually an Englishman. Dominican twins Maya and Alejandro Herrera flee a murder charge and try to get to the United States to see Suresh's father, whom they do not know to be dead. Kaito is murdered. Peter is in Ireland and has amnesia. Nathan has become an alcoholic.
Peter uses his powers and agrees to help the people who found him with their thefts. The Haitian reunites with Bennet. Maya kills people without touching them when under stress and then Alejandro revives them. Parkman interviews Angela about Kaito's death. Kensei is revealed to be regenerative.
It turns out that D.L. is dead. Niki leaves Micah under the care of his grandmother in New Orleans. Peter gains the trust of Ricky, the leader of the Irish gang, and becomes romantically involved with his sister Caitlin. After eight surgeries, Sylar wakes up in Mexico with Candice. He kills her but he is powerless. Hiro helps Kensei to become a hero.
#4The Kindness of Strangers
Micah's cousin Monica Dawson discovers her own ability: muscle mimicking. Parkman enlists Nathan's help to find the man who has been killing the Company founders, such as Kaito. Parkman discovers that his father Maury was among the Company founders. Sylar joins Maya and Alejandro on their journey to New York.
#5Fight or Flight
A woman named Elle Bishop tries to find Peter and kills Ricky with her electric powers. Matt and Nathan visit Maury, who has put Molly into a deep sleep and has been giving her nightmares. Maury escapes and gives Parkman and Nathan nightmares. Suresh sends Molly back to the Company for a cure, much to Noah's dismay.
#6The Line
Peter and Caitlin go to Montreal after they find a plane ticket to there among Peter's possessions. Kensei betrays Hiro after Hiro kisses Kensei's love Yaeko.
#7Out of Time
Hiro returns to the present. Peter accidentally teleports himself and Caitlin over a year into the future in New York and find that 93% of the world's population has died of the Shanti Virus. Then Peter accidentally teleports back and meets Kensei, who identifies himself as Adam Monroe. Niki is injected with the virus and Suresh realizes that his blood no longer works as a cure. Parkman defeats Maury and finds that he can control others' minds.
#8Four Months Ago...
The episode depicts flashbacks that show what happened between the first and second seasons. Peter is taken prisoner by the Company where he meets Elle until he escapes with Adam and gets his memory erased by the Haitian. D.L. is killed after a new personality of Niki's manifests. Maya reveals her power, which leads her and Alejandro to America in search for help. In present day, Peter remembers who he is.
#9Cautionary Tales
The Bennet family prepares to go on the run before the Company finds them. Hiro goes back in time and discovers that Adam killed his father. Suresh sides with the Company and kills Bennet by shooting him through the eye, however Bennet is revived by Claire's blood.
#10Truth & Consequences
Adam and Peter learn that the Shanti virus is in Texas. Sylar kills Alejandro, Maya learns how to control her power and Maya and Sylar make it to New York.
Peter finds out that Adam actually wants to unleash the virus and stops him from doing so. Hiro buries Adam alive by teleporting him into a coffin. Monica is kidnapped by a street gang and Niki saves her, but gets trapped in a burning, exploding building. Elle saves Suresh, Maya and Molly from Sylar's clutches. Sylar regains his powers using Claire's blood. Nathan has a press conference to go public with his power, but is shot before he can do so.
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