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Grey's Anatomy - The Complete Third Season

Season Details
On May 16, 2006, the morning following the close of the second season, ABC announced plans for a third season of Grey’s Anatomy to anchor the network's Thursday evening programming,[9] set to air at 9 p.m. ET. ABC first tested the series' potential for Thursday audiences on February 9, 2006, as it aired an encore of the Super Bowl XL-leadout episode titled "It's the End of the World." The following Thursday, February 16, 2006, the network repeated the second part of the story arc, "(As We Know It)." Both airings began at 9:30 p.m. ET, and thus positioned Grey’s Anatomy against CBS' CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Without a Trace, Fox Network's The OC, and NBC's long-running medical drama ER. Solid performance on these nights, with the repeat airings maintaining a strong second-place finish, may have been influential in the fall scheduling decision. The move to Thursdays was viewed as a vote of confidence in the series from ABC, as well as a bid to attract more advertising dollars, since movie studios heavily advertise movies on Thursday evenings for that weekend's box office. The move was cited as one factor for competing network NBC's decision to move its own Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, originally intended to air Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET. ABC announced on July 18, 2006, that the third season would premiere on September 21, 2006. The series assumed its new Thursday slot on July 6, 2006, as part of a two-hour event featuring a repeat of the pilot episode, "A Hard Day's Night." Throughout July and August, the series aired twice weekly — once in the new Thursday time period, and once in its previous Sunday time period. Grey’s Anatomy performed strongly in the show's new timeslot in its season premiere. It was able to snatch away the #1 position from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation during the 9 p.m. hour, bringing in an impressive 25.14 million viewers throughout the hour and a strong 10.9 rating in the vital 18-49 demographic. In comparison, CSI's season premiere earned a competitive 22.04 million total viewership and a 7.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic.[10] The third season ended on May 17, 2007. As the season came to a close, Burke called off his wedding to Cristina at the church, Chief Webber stayed on as the Chief of Surgery, Callie was appointed Chief Resident, and George learned he failed the final intern exam. The relationship between Derek and Meredith, as well as the triangle between Callie, George, and Izzie were left unresolved. Addison decides to start a new life in Los Angeles in the spin-off Private Practice.

Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode Description
#1Time Has Come Today
The doctors of Seattle Grace help Izzie cope with the loss of her fiancé, Denny, and her decision to quit the internship program. Meredith must decide what the future holds after her hospital liaison with Derek. The Chief is confronted by his wife, Adele, after spending the night in his office, and George seeks relationship advice from a surprising source.
#2I Am a Tree
Cristina meets Burke's parents, in the most awkward of circumstances, Izzie begins baking to comfort herself, Addison takes a break from her hospital duties and gets drunk, Richard discovers Callie living in the hospital, and a surgical patient lives what may be her last day to the fullest.
#3Sometimes a Fantasy
Cristina tries to help Preston cope with his hand tremor, Izzie attempts to return to the hospital for the first time since she left the program, Alex deals with a patient who has a long history of injuries and believes she is a super hero, and George and Callie’s relationship moves forward.
#4What I Am
Addison doubts her abilities as a doctor, Cristina pushes Burke's rehabilitation and Izzie receives the surprise of her life.
#5Oh, the Guilt
Bailey treats a young mother battling breast cancer, Derek learns more about Mark and Addison's relationship, the interns defend a resident's competence at a hospital staff meeting, and Meredith and Addison examine a couple who find themselves in a rather awkward position.
#6Let the Angels Commit
Cristina scrubs in on the rare 'humpty dumpty' procedure, much to the envy of her fellow doctors, Alex questions his future medical specialty, George and Addison work with a pregnant woman with an unusual dilemma, and Derek receives a surprise visit from his sister.
#7Where the Boys Are
The men of Seattle Grace go on a camping trip together, Addison and Callie must team up to work on a patient, Meredith assist Sloan with a procedure unlike any she has experienced, and, suspicious of her recent actions at the hospital, Bailey confronts Cristina.
#8Staring at the Sun
The O'Malley Family visits George at the hospital, Meredith is determined to have a more positive outlook on life, Derek and Addison strive for a civil relationship, and Richard endeavors to reunite with his wife, Adele.
#9From a Whisper to a Scream
A traumatic car accident fills the ER, Cristina has a crisis of conscience about her deceptive teamwork with Burke, and Izzie pushes the boundaries of her probation.
#10Don't Stand So Close to Me
Recent events strain Burke and Cristina's relationship, Meredith's half-sister, Molly, is admitted to the hospital, and Derek and Mark must work together when two close-knit brothers seek medical help.
#11Six Days, Part 1
Part one of a two-part episode. After a successful operation on his heart, George's father undergoes surgery for his cancer, Thatcher Grey visits Seattle Grace in order to see his new granddaughter, and Meredith discovers that Derek has trouble sleeping soundly.
#12Six Days, Part 2
Part two of a two-part episode. George and his family must struggle with a difficult decision regarding Harold who is on life support. Meredith learns she shares something in common with her father. Addison regrets an event from her past. Izzie is barred from Heather's surgery after Bailey finds out she paid for the operation.
#13Great Expectations
After the Chief announces his retirement, rumors begin to circulate on his departure and successor. Dr. Bailey is ambitious to create a free medical clinic. Two people at the hospital receive an unexpected proposal.
#14Wishin' and Hopin'
The race for the Chief's position is on, as the doctors compete for Richard's affections, a surgical patient endangers the lives of those around her, and Meredith's Alzheimer's-stricken mother, Ellis, experiences a change in her medical condition.
#15Walk On Water
Part one of a three-part story arc. A mass trauma situation challenges the interns in many different ways. Richard begins a transition while going through a life change, while Cristina struggles to tell Meredith and the others about becoming engaged to Burke.
#16Drowning On Dry Land
Part two of a three-part story arc. Meredith is still under water which no one realizes until Derek finds her coat. Izzie drills holes into a trauma patient's head who is experiencing seizures. George continues to look for a patient's lost son after providing her with false optimism. Alex finds no hope in searching for the pregnant Jane Doe's family as she undergoes surgery.
#17Some Kind of Miracle
Part three of a three-part story arc. The interns of Seattle Grace take vigil outside Meredith's hospital room as Bailey and the Chief struggle to revive her. Meanwhile, Meredith is in limbo where she meets up with Denny, Dylan and many other familiar deceased patients from the past. Cristina remedies her grief for Meredith by shopping and Alex continues to bond with the pregnant Jane Doe who remains unclaimed. Ellis Grey goes into cardiac arrest.
#18Scars and Souvenirs
The race for chief heats up after a new competitor enters the fray, tensions escalate between Izzie and George, and Callie must reveal a big secret. Meanwhile, Derek treats a patient near and dear to him, while Alex continues his work with Jane Doe.
#19My Favorite Mistake
George meets his new father-in-law (and is in no condition to make a good impression), Alex helps Jane Doe determine how the world will see her from now on, the hospital board begins interviewing the candidates for the Chief's position, and Izzie wrestles with a startling revelation.
#20Time After Time
When Izzie's daughter is brought to the hospital for leukemia treatment, Izzie is asked to donate her bone marrow in support. Derek finds that Meredith stands in his way of becoming chief. Marlowe continues to intrude on Burke and Cristina's lives with an impending surgery Burke will perform. Meredith becomes closer to her stepmother. Parents claiming to be Ava's come in to identify her but learn she is not theirs.
As the interns of Seattle Grace cram for their upcoming exam, the attendings vie for the Chief's position by tending to the chairman of the hospital board after he's admitted as a patient. Meanwhile, Burke struggles to involve Cristina in the wedding planning, things heat up between Addison and Alex, and Derek questions his relationship with Meredith.
#22The Other Side of This Life, Part 1
Part one of a two-hour episode. After things become too complicated in Seattle, Addison travels to Los Angeles to reunite with old friends from medical school. Meanwhile, Derek must perform emergency surgery on Ava/Jane Doe and Cristina plans her wedding with both her mother and Burke's. This double episode is a backdoor pilot for Private Practice.
#23The Other Side of This Life, Part 2
Part two of a two-hour episode. After things become too complicated in Seattle, Addison travels to Los Angeles to reunite with old friends from medical school. Meanwhile, Derek must perform emergency surgery on Ava/Jane Doe and Cristina plans her wedding with both her mother and Burke's. This double episode is a backdoor pilot for Private Practice.
#24Testing 1-2-3
The interns take the biggest test of their careers, their first-year medical exams, as the residents attend to three injured mountain climbers. Meanwhile Callie’s suspicions of George and Izzie grow, and Cristina struggles to write her wedding vows.
#25Didn't We Almost Have It All?
Cristina and Burke’s wedding day arrives. Along with the interns’ first exam results, a successor to the Chief is named and as Callie and George make a big decision about their relationship
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