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Desperate Housewives - The Complete First Season

Season Details
Season one began its original airing on October 3, 2004 and introduces the four central characters of the show: Susan Mayer, Lynette Scavo, Bree Van de Kamp and Gabrielle Solis, and their families and neighbors on Wisteria Lane. The main mystery of the season is the unexpected suicide of Mary Alice Young, and the involvement of her husband and teenage son in the events leading up to it. While Bree tries to save her marriage, Lynette struggles to find time and energy to cope with her children, Susan fights with Edie Britt for new neighbor Mike Delfino’s affection, and Gabrielle tries to prevent her husband Carlos from discovering her affair with their underage gardener.

Desperate Housewives Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode Description
The series begins with the suicide of Mary Alice Young, who narrates the episodes from beyond the grave. Mary Alice's suicide leaves behind a puzzle involving her husband Paul, son Zach, and a mysterious toy chest. The story begins with the unraveling through her four friends: Lynette, Susan, Gabrielle, Bree and her neighbors.
#2Ah, But Underneath
Mike's dog ends up in the hospital after Edie intrudes on his date with Susan. Gabrielle's gardener John is taking their affair to heart. Bree pins the blame on Rex at marriage counseling. Lynette turns to drastic measures recommended by Mrs. Huber to keep her children disciplined, which ultimately fails.
#3Pretty Little Picture
Gabrielle bribes a little girl to keep quiet after catching her and John in the act. Bree unsuccessfully tries to keep her marriage problems a secret. Susan confronts her ex-husband Karl and is locked out of her house naked. Lynette desperately tries to convince Tom to come to the ladies' dinner party.
#4Who's That Woman?
Mrs. Huber blackmails Susan after witnessing her involvement with Edie's house's fire. Bree has trouble dealing with her teenage son after her husband Rex leaves. Carlos suspects Gabrielle is having an affair, but accuses the wrong person. Lynette learns her twin sons may have ADD and begins to take their medication.
#5Come In, Stranger
A number of break-ins on Wisteria Lane leaves the neighbors feeling vulnerable. Susan accepts a date with a policeman, thinking Mike has lost interest in her. Bree, lonely, bonds with Mary Alice's troubled son Zach. Lynette and Tom are insistent to enroll their twins at private school. Carlos' mother arrives to try and catch Gabrielle cheating.
#6Running to Stand Still
Lynette argues with another mother at the twins' school. Susan investigates the mystery surrounding the Young family. Gabrielle makes an effort to ensure Mama Solis doesn't discover her affair. Bree is horrified when Rex suggests they hire a sex surrogate to liven up their relationship.
#7Anything You Can Do
Susan is suspicious of Mike's unexpected houseguest. Lynette becomes more dependent on the twins' ADD medication. Gabrielle becomes jealous of the 'other woman' in John's life. Bree's children mutiny when they learn their parents are divorcing. Mama Solis is run over moments after seeing Gabrielle and John in bed together.
Susan becomes suspicious of Mike's real reason for moving to the Wisteria Lane. Lynette tries other methods to release her stress to cure her addiction to the twins' ADD medication. Bree tries to save Andrew from prosecution after his drunk driving puts Mama Solis in a coma. Gabrielle reveals her affair with John to a priest in confession.
#9Suspicious Minds
Gabrielle decides to hold a fashion show on the street for charity. Susan is less charitable when she realizes Gabrielle was having an affair with John. John's mother thinks he is having an affair with Susan, forcing Gabrielle to come clean. Bree catches Andrew smoking marijuana and reports him to the school. Lynette is overwhelmed with her work and tries to find a nanny. Carlos is arrested, claiming he was set up.
#10Come Back to Me
Bree discovers Rex had been seeing Maisy Gibbons for sex. Carlos is sentenced for importing slave labor goods, and his and Gabrielle's possessions are seized. Susan and Mike catch Zach sneaking around in her house. A jealous Lynette videotapes her new nanny, Claire.
#11Move On
The missing Mrs. Huber's sister, Felicia Tilman, arrives. Tom and Lynette fire Claire after he sees her naked late at night. Bree takes Rex in after he suffers a heart attack, but asks her pharmacist on a date. Karl reappears and Susan learns he cheated on her with Edie while they were married. Needing money, Gabrielle turns back to modeling.
#12Every Day a Little Death
The residents of Wisteria Lane learn Mrs. Huber's fate. Susan confesses her role in the burning down of Edie's house when she learns Mrs. Huber kept a journal. George gets closer to Bree but she sends him to hospital. Carlos's homecoming on house arrest is unexpected for Gabrielle. Lynette lies that her son has cancer to get him into daycare.
#13Your Fault
Lynette discovers her father-in-law has been consistently cheating on his wife. Susan is concerned with Julie and Zach's relationship. Rex tries to reconcile with Bree and warns George to stay away from her. John proposes to Gabrielle but she declines, claiming she still loves Carlos.
#14Love is in the Air
It's Valentine's Day on Wisteria Lane. Lynette discovers her boys are stealing from Mrs. McCluskey. Mike collapses from a gunshot wound at his romantic dinner with Susan. Bree scoffs at Rex's sexual desires. Gabrielle fires Yao Lin, but is fired herself from her modeling job.
Susan is left heartbroken when Mike is arrested for Mrs. Huber's murder. Lynette ensures Tom doesn't get his next promotion. Justin demands sex from Gabrielle or he will reveal her affair with John. Bree learns that Danielle is planning to lose her virginity to John.
#16The Ladies Who Lunch
Gabrielle and Carlos face a sewage disaster and cannot afford to fix it. Bree bribes Maisy Gibbons to remove Rex's name from her list of clients. Lynette is upset when her boys are accused of spreading head lice at school. Susan gets drunk and breaks into Paul's with Edie after being heartbroken by Mike.
#17There Won't Be Trumpets
Mama Solis wakes up from her coma but dies after falling down a flight of stairs. Susan returns Mike's explanation and apology letter to him unread. Lynette befriends a deaf mother at Barcliff Academy. Bree and Rex send Andrew to juvenile boot camp. Gabrielle is offered a seven-figure negligence settlement sum by the hospital.
#18Children Will Listen
Bree and Rex visit Andrew at boot camp and learn that he might be gay. Carlos forces Gabrielle to sign a postnuptial agreement and tampers with her birth control. Susan's mother arrives unexpectedly, claiming her boyfriend abused her. Lynette is furious when she discovers that Bree spanked Parker.
#19Live Alone and Like It
Lynette befriends Mrs. McCluskey after she collapses in front of her. Susan's mother plans a double date for them both. Gabrielle, short of money, borrows and maxes out John's credit card. Bree convinces Andrew to see a minister about his sexuality, and he reveals his plans for his mother.
#20Fear No More
Gabrielle organizes a farewell party for Carlos, but ruins it by accusing him of tampering with her birth control. Rex is jealous of Bree and George's continued friendship. Lynette learns that Tom is working with his ex-grilfriend Annabel. Susan's kitchen catches fire and she blames Paul as the arsonist.
#21Sunday in the Park with George
Susan's mother moves out after being proposed to, and Susan learns that Mike is innocent. Lynette and Tom try to liven up their sexual relationship. Gabrielle tells John he could be the father of her baby. Edie spies on Bree and George having dinner together. Felicia takes in Zach and convinces Paul to leave.
#22Goodbye for Now
Edie is annoyed when Susan and Mike move in together, and tries to intervene via the other wives. Carlos is arrested for assaulting Justin, thinking he is the father of Gabrielle's child. George lies to Bree to turn her away from Rex, who has a heart attack. Lynette's meddling causes Tom to lose another promotion so he stays away from Annabel. Betty and Matthew Applewhite move in during the middle of the night.
#23One Wonderful Day
Mary Alice's reason for suicide is finally revealed. Rex dies of a heart attack, wondering whether Bree poisoned him. Carlos goes to prison after attacking John when he learned he was having an affair with Gabrielle. Lynette goes back to work as Tom decides to be a stay-at-home dad. Susan is held at gunpoint by Zach, who wants to kill Mike.
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