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Scrubs - The Complete First Season

Season Details
The first season follows J.D. (Zach Braff)'s and his best friend Turk (Donald Faison)'s first year out of medical school as interns at Sacred Heart Hospital. J.D. quickly meets his reluctant mentor, Dr. Perry Cox (John C. McGinley); an attractive young woman (and fellow intern) named Elliot (Sarah Chalke), on whom he has a crush; the hospital's janitor (Neil Flynn), who goes out of his way to irritate J.D.; the Chief of Medicine, Dr. Bob Kelso (Ken Jenkins), who is more concerned about the budget than the patients; and Carla Espinosa (Judy Reyes), Turk's new girlfriend, who puts Turk through the trials and tribulations of being in a serious relationship. The characters face romances and relationship issues, family obligations, overwhelming paperwork, and a tremendous number of patients. The first season also introduces minor characters such as Todd, a surgeon and sexual deviant; Ted, the hospital's sad-sack lawyer; Laverne, a nurse and Carla's good friend; and Jordan Sullivan, an administrative official and Dr. Cox's ex-wife.

Scrubs Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode Description
#1My First Day
In the series opener, all the major characters are introduced as they start life at Sacred Heart Hospital.
#2My Mentor
J.D. tries to get to know Dr. Cox, but is rebuffed. Turk actively pursues Carla and succeeds through candor where swagger and machismo have failed. Elliot gets on the wrong side of Carla. J.D. tries to convince his patient (John Ducey) to quit smoking.
#3My Best Friend's Mistake
Elliot takes issue with the terms of endearment Dr. Kelso uses for her, but na´vely follows Dr. Cox's advice and confronts Kelso about it. J.D. misses Turk's company because they are both too busy to hang out, and he worries that a patient's post-op reaction is Turk's fault. Elliot and J.D. are getting close, but an interrupted kiss might make the difference between being friends and something more.
#4My Old Lady
The three interns have to face death for the first time: J.D.'s patient is a headstrong but kindly old woman, Turk's is a young man who just needs some company, and Elliot's is a Hispanic woman who does not speak any English. The episode's writer, Matt Tarses, won the 2002 Humanitas Prize in the 30 Minute Category for this episode.
#5My Two Dads
J.D. has to decide between Dr. Cox or Dr. Kelso as a mentor. The decision isn't made any easier when all three, along with Dr. Kelso's lapdog Dr. Steadman, play a game of golf together. Elliot believes her breasts to have healing powers. In order to make up to Carla, Turk gives her a pen that, unbeknownst to him, was previously removed from a patient's rectum. Dr. Cox's actions to help an uninsured patient earn him a suspension. Louie Anderson has a cameo role in this episode.
#6My Bad
Dr. Cox's suspension puts his future at the hospital in doubt. Elliot discovers her patient, Dr. Greenberg, is a psychiatrist. J.D. has a beautiful but self-absorbed board member as a patient, and he winds up having sex with her. Unfortunately, he finds out that she is Dr. Cox's ex-wife, Jordan (Christa Miller, in her first appearance in the series). J.D. tries to convince Jordan to help Dr. Cox. Wedding footage in the episode was taken from Miller's real-life wedding to series-creator Bill Lawrence.
#7My Super Ego
J.D. relishes being the best intern, but then has to face competition from fellow intern Nick Murdoch (Sean Hayes). Turk confronts his fear of making a mistake in surgery after thinking he has accidentally nicked a patient's colon.
#8My Fifteen Minutes
J.D. and Turk save the life of a TV cameraman, which makes them celebrities. Dr. Kelso decides to take advantage of this by using Turk in advertisements for the hospital aimed at the urban community, with slogans such as 'Our MD's have Mad Skills' and 'Time to Get an EKG, G'. Cox is supposed to write J.D.'s intern evaluation but tells J.D. to do it himself. When J.D. refuses, Dr. Cox reveals that he wanted J.D. to do it so that he could discover his own shortcomings and judge himself.
#9My Day Off
J.D. develops appendicitis and sees the hospital from the patients' point of view. Elliot and Turk are his medical and surgical interns respectively. Michael McDonald guest-stars as Mike Davis.
#10My Nickname
J.D. and Carla's relationship changes when he starts to have more medical knowledge than her and takes offense at her nickname for him ('Bambi'). Elliot treats Jill (Nicole Sullivan), a patient who's just as nervous and neurotic as she. The Janitor comes up with a new nickname for J.D.
#11My Own Personal Jesus
Turk loses his faith in a just God after spending a night on call on Christmas Eve. Elliot searches for a missing pregnant girl. Dr. Cox assigns J.D. to videotape the childbirth of one of Dr. Cox's friends. The title refers to the song 'Personal Jesus' by Depeche Mode.
#12My Blind Date
J.D. must look after a social worker, Alex, who slipped in the hospital and winds up stuck in an MRI machine. They flirt, but J.D. is reluctant to ask her out without knowing what she looks like. Elliot tries to gain Dr. Cox's favor the way J.D. has. Turk is angry at Carla when he thinks he may love her. Guest-stars include Michael McDonald as Mike Davis, Elizabeth Bogush as Alex, and Jimmie Walker as himself.
#13My Balancing Act
J.D.'s relationship with Alex is jeopardized by the amount of time he spends at the hospital. Turk and Carla experience bedroom-related problems. Elizabeth Bogush guest-stars as Alex. The episode features an allusion to the book The House of God
#14My Drug Buddy
When drugs go missing, Elliot suspects a patient who is a former drug addict, but Alex defends him. Elliot tells J.D. that she thinks Alex will hurt him and J.D. accuses her of being jealous. Alex ends up being the one who took the drugs. She and J.D. part on uncertain terms, and J.D. tries to confront Elliot about her accusation of the patient. Carla gets a ride from Dr. Kelso. Elizabeth Bogush guest-stars as Alex.
#15My Bed Banter & Beyond
The episode switches between Elliot and J.D. spending a sex-filled day in bed and the ensuing weeks, where their new relationship breaks down. The hospital staff reveals their feelings to a psychologist.
#16My Heavy Meddle
J.D. and Elliot are not talking to each other after breaking up, but with Turk's help they get on better terms. Dr. Cox goes on the rampage.
#17My Student
The interns receive their first medical students. J.D.'s is very much like he was at the beginning, Elliot's is a jerk but the son of the CEO of the corporation that owns the hospital, and Turk's is a smart, confident woman to whom Dr. Cox is attracted. Guest stars Kelli Williams as Kristen Murphy.
#18My Tuscaloosa Heart
J.D. feels guilty when a rude patient, whom he ignored, dies. Carla assures him that it was the terminal cancer, but J.D. is unable to sleep. Dr. Cox is unable to decide between the three women he likes. Elliot and Turk discover a possible new side to Dr. Kelso. The title is taken from 'My Tuscaloosa Heart' by Ken Jenkins, which features in the episode.
#19My Old Man
The interns' parents come to visit. Carla deals with the fact that she is just like Turk's mother. Elliot questions why she became a doctor. Guest stars include R. Lee Ermey as the Janitor's father, Lane Davies as Elliot's father, Markie Post as Elliot's mother, with Hattie Winston as Turk's mom and John Ritter as J.D.'s father, Sam Dorian.
#20My Way or the Highway
Due to Turk's competitiveness, Turk convinces J.D.'s patient to decide upon surgery instead of medicine, which angers J.D. Elliot falls for a patient, Sean (Scott Foley). Dr. Kelso fires two nurses and after Dr. Cox confronts him, he fires 'Coffee Nurse.' Guest stars Fred Stoller.
#21My Sacrificial Clam
J.D. is struck by a needle full of blood contaminated with Hepatitis B. Cleared from infection, he becomes scared of getting sick. Elliot chooses the hospital over her new boyfriend Sean (Scott Foley). Cameo appearance from William Daniels and Ed Begley, Jr..
#22My Occurrence
(Part 1) Jordan's brother and Dr. Cox's best friend Ben (Brendan Fraser) comes into the hospital after piercing his hand with a nail-gun; however Dr. Cox and J.D. later become worried when his hand won't stop bleeding, with J.D. going into denial about the results of Ben's tests. A series of paperwork bungles nearly has Turk operate on the wrong patient, and has Elliot incorrectly inform Jill (Nicole Sullivan) that she's pregnant.
#23My Hero
(Part 2) Ben (Brendan Fraser) begins treatment for leukemia, but Dr. Cox has a hard time being supportive because he cares about Ben too much. Turk's ego takes a hit from the attending surgeon Dr. Wen, and Carla and Elliot scorch Dr. Kelso in a personal review. J.D. is very spooked to discover that the janitor knows far too much about him. Guest stars Lela Lee as Bonnie.
#24My Last Day
The interns realize they have become jaded after working at the hospital for a year, and they decide to treat a patient aggressively. After Dr. Cox chides Jordan for her predictability, she reveals all the main characters' secrets to each other.
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