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Lost The Complete Second Season

Season Details
Season 2 featured 23 episodes[62] that were aired in the United States and Canada on Wednesdays at 9:00 pm starting on September 21, 2005. Most of the story, which continues 45 days after the crash, focuses on the growing conflict between the survivors and the Others, with the continued clash between faith and science being thematic in certain episodes. While some mysteries are resolved, new questions are raised. New characters are introduced, including the tail-section survivors and other island inhabitants. More island mythologies and insights into the survivors' pasts are divulged. The hatch is explored and the existence of The DHARMA Initiative and its benefactor, the Hanso Foundation, are revealed. As the truth about the mysterious Others begins to unfold, one of the crash survivors betrays the other castaways, and the cause of the plane crash is revealed.

Lost Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode Description
#1Man of Science, Man of Faith
#4Everybody Hates Hugo
#5...And Found
#7The Other 48 Days
#9What Kate Did
#10The 23rd Psalm
#11The Hunting Party
#12Fire + Water
#13The Long Con
#14One of Them
#15Maternity Leave
#16The Whole Truth
#20Two for the Road
#22Three Minutes
#23Live Together, Die Alone
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