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Friends - The Complete Fourth Season

Season Details
During the fourth season, actress Lisa Kudrow became pregnant. This was written into the show by having Phoebe become a surrogate mother to the children of her brother and his wife (played by Debra Jo Rupp). Ross and Rachel briefly reconcile in the premiere but soon break up again. During the middle of the season, Monica and Rachel are forced to switch apartments with Joey and Chandler after losing a bet on how well the four know each other. They bribe Joey and Chandler to switch back with Knicks season tickets and a one-minute kiss between themselves. Mid-season, having moved on, Ross begins dating an English woman called Emily (played by Helen Baxendale) and the finale, featuring the wedding of the characters, was filmed on location in London. Chandler and Monica sleep together when, after a wedding guest mistakes Monica for Ross' mother, Monica seeks comfort in the arms of a friend. Rachel, depressed by the impending wedding enough to chase away a potential boyfriend in Joshua, attends the wedding at the last minute, intending to tell Ross that she still loves him, but decides not to. Things are thrown into chaos when Ross replaces Emily's name with Rachel's while saying his vows.

Friends Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode Description
#1The One with the Jellyfish
Monica is stung by a jellyfish and asks Joey and Chandler to help her. The three of them later behave uncomfortably around each other after what happened when they helped Monica, which is later revealed that Chandler peed on her to ease the pain. Ross and Rachel get back together until Ross cannot stand Rachel thinking he has taken full responsibility for the flaws in their relationship.
#2The One with the Cat
A cat enters the coffee house and sniffs around Phoebe's guitar case. When Phoebe picks the cat up, she believes that her dead mother's spirit is inside it. Joey tries to sell his entertainment unit and when showing a customer that it is big enough to fit a grown man, the customer puts wood through the handles, locking Joey in and steals everything in his and Chandler's apartment. Monica dates Chip Matthews, Rachel's prom date, and dumps him after she realizes he has no level of maturity.
#3The One with the 'Cuffs
Chandler dates Rachel's boss, Joanna, again and finally breaks up with her after she handcuffs him to her office chair. Rachel then comes to Chandler's rescue, with doubts as she realises she could get fired for going into her boss's office. Monica caters a party for her mother, but while preparing the food she loses a fake finger nail in the quiche, ruining her plans to impress her critical mother.
#4The One with the Ballroom Dancing
Joey helps the super with his ballroom dancing skills in order to help Monica and Rachel keep their illegal apartment. Chandler wants to quit the gym, but can't because of the attractive staff. Ross, originally to help Chandler quit, ends up with a gym membership when they leave. Their later plan is to cut the gym from their financial source, so they attempt to quit their bank but because of the attractive female staff there, they end up with a joint-checking account.
#5The One with Joey's New Girlfriend
Chandler starts to fall in love with Joey's new girlfriend, Kathy, after he flirted with her in the coffee house, unaware Joey was dating her as well. Rachel becomes jealous of Ross's relationship and ends up dating a college student, who turns out to be stealing from her. Phoebe's voice becomes stuffy after she catches a cold, which gives her a new voice for singing and finds that she likes her 'new' singing voice better.
#6The One with the Dirty Girl
Ross's new girlfriend seems nearly perfect until he visits her house and discovers that her apartment is incredibly dirty. Monica later attempts to clean her apartment after not being able to sleep thinking about it. Chandler buys Kathy an early edition of her favourite childrens' book for her birthday and doesn't know what to do when he finds out Joey (then dating Kathy) was going to buy her something very meaningless and inexpensive.
#7The One Where Chandler Crosses the Line
Chandler must decide between the girl of his dreams, Kathy, and his best friend Joey when he and Kathy share a secret and secluded passionate kiss. Chandler, feeling guilty about his kiss with Kathy, buys new furniture and appliances for his and Joey's apartment to fill in the empty spaces left after the robbery. When Joey finds out about the kiss, he attempts to punish Chandler five years. Ross starts playing the keyboard again for the first time since college and reinvents his musical art (or as Ross calls them, 'wordless sound poems').
#8The One with Chandler in a Box
Chandler agrees to spend Thanksgiving in a shipping crate as a punishment from Joey for kissing Kathy. After Monica accidentally gets ice in her eye, she visits her new eye doctor, who turns out to be out of town, and is seen by Richard's son. She then invites him over for Thanksgiving, of which the others do not approve of. After Kathy visits, Joey forgives Chandler and tells him to go after her before she leaves.
#9The One Where They're Going to Party
Chandler and Ross's friend 'Gandalf' is planning to come to town. They are very excited until he cancels. When they're forced to try to have a fun time on their own, they're forced to realize that they're becoming older and no longer enjoy the party scene any more. Monica has to choose between a head chef job and catering with Phoebe, and helps Phoebe with ideas for a business of her own. Rachel gets 'hired' as the assistant buyer at Bloomingdale's but doesn't get the promotion because her supervisor dies before she turns in the HR paperwork.
#10The One with the Girl from Poughkeepsie
Ross must decide whether to continue dating a girl he must travel two-and-a-half hours to see or a girl much closer to home but much less fun. Phoebe tries to write the perfect Christmas song about her friends. Joey helps Monica by trying to get all the staff to like her at her new restaurant.
#11The One with Phoebe's Uterus
Phoebe doesn't know what to do when Frank Jr. visits with his new wife and asks her to carry their child. She visits her birth mother but she tells her it isn't a good idea. To support this, she gives Phoebe a puppy, but only for three days to prove it will be hard to give it up. Phoebe decides she will carry their baby because when it's over, they will be so happy, making Phoebe feel good.
#12The One with the Embryos
Phoebe's uterus is examined for implantation of the embryos. A seemingly harmless game between the guys and the girls escalates into a full-blown contest to see which pair knows more personal data about the other. The guys end up betting the chick and the duck, and the girls end up betting their apartment. When the guys win, Rachel tells them that it was just a game but the guys continue to move in.
#13The One with Rachel's Crush
Chandler breaks up with Kathy after seeing her having simulated sex on stage with another man. Kathy tells Chandler that it is just her job, and tells Chandler to call her when he can grow up. It is later revealed that Kathy wasn't sleeping with him, but starts to after her and Chandler's dispute, causing Chandler to say, that their 'second fight ... is going to be A BIG ONE!' Rachel has a crush on Joshua, a handsome customer and even ponders asking him out.
#14The One with Joey's Dirty Day
Joey has to go to Charlton Heston's new movie but smells awful because of a three day fishing trip with his father previously and never had time to shower. He breaks into Heston's dressing room and uses his shower. Rachel sets Ross up with her boss's niece, Emily (Helen Baxendale) so that she can go to Joshua's invested nightclub. Chandler can't get over Kathy, and remains in his barcalounger, in his sweat pants.
#15The One with All the Rugby
Ross plays rugby with some of Emily's English friends and end's up in a lot of pain afterwards. Chandler runs into Janice and tells her that his company is transferring him to Yemen in an effort to escape reuniting with her. Monica obsesses over a light switch that doesn't seem to control anything, and even cuts the wall open herself to follow the wire after an electrician, the super and the electrical plans to the building.
#16The One with the Fake Party
Rachel throws a fake party for Emily, who's returning to London, just so she can see Joshua outside of work. The baby inside Phoebe is craving meat, which is putting a strain on Phoebe's vegetarianism. Just as Rachel is about to kiss Joshua, Phoebe's baby kicks.
#17The One with the Free Porn
Chandler and Joey discover that they're getting a free porn channel on their TV. Ross tells Emily how he really feels about her. After she has left for England, he flies to London to see her, unaware that she's already on her way back to New York to see him.
#18The One with Rachel's New Dress
Joshua invites Rachel to his parents' house, who are told to be out of town. She changes into a more revealing dress and Joshua and his parents walk in, much to her embarrassment. Phoebe is offered the chance to name one of the triplets and chooses 'Chandler' over 'Joey' when Chandler realizes he has a horrible name. When Phoebe leaves, it is revealed it was just a plan to get her to choose 'Chandler'.
#19The One with All the Haste
Monica and Rachel have Knicks season tickets and offer them to the guys if they give them their apartment back. Chandler doesn't trade but Joey wants to. They play a game with Phoebe as the judge on picking the highest card out of a deck of cards and the winner take all. The guys win, so set off to watch the game. While Chandler and Joey are at the Knicks game, Monica and Rachel switch the apartments back, despite the guys winning the tickets and the right to keep the apartment fair and square. Ross proposes to Emily and she accepts.
#20The One with All the Wedding Dresses
Ross asks Monica to pick up Emily's wedding dress and instead Monica tries the dress on and keeps it. Phoebe then comes to Monica's in a wedding dress. Because of Ross's proposal to Emily, Rachel, feeling slightly jealous, tries to propose to Joshua. He doesn't accept, and when Rachel puts on her wedding dress at Monica's, the three of them hear a knock on the door thinking it's Chandler. It's actually Joshua, who get s freaked out with Rachel, Phoebe and Monica in wedding dresses and leaves. Chandler takes Joey to a sleep clinic because he snores all the time and meets a girl who talks in her sleep. She later is in bed with Chandler and screams really loud and wakes up Joey whilst asleep.
#21The One with the Invitation
Ross and Emily are sending their wedding invitations; Emily doesn't think it's a good idea to invite Rachel, but Ross invites her anyway. After scenes shown from previous episodes of her and Ross's relationship, Rachel decides not to go but to keep Phoebe company and help her if she goes into labour.
#22The One with the Worst Best Man Ever
Ross chooses Chandler as his best man, but picks Joey instead when Chandler says Ross won't be his best man. Joey then loses Ross's ring after a bachelor party and is convinced the stripper stole it after she slept with Joey. They later find out that the duck swallowed the ring. The girls give Phoebe a baby shower.
#23The One with Ross's Wedding, Part One
All the friends go to London, except for Phoebe, who's pregnant and Rachel, who thinks it will be too painful to see Ross get married, and tells Ross she has to work. The building where Ross and Emily schedule to get married has been torn down a few days early, but they decide to marry there anyway.
#24The One with Ross's Wedding, Part Two
Rachel decides to go to Ross's wedding after all, to say she still loves him. Emily's parents try to fool Ross's parents with the wedding bill, paying to remodel their house as well. Chandler and Monica sleep together after a drunk guy thinks she is Ross's mother. At the altar, Ross makes a big mistake; he says the wrong name.
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