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Friends - The Complete Fifth Season

Season Details
The fifth season follows Monica and Chandler keeping their new relationship a secret from their friends, while Ross' marriage to Emily ends before it even started, following their wedding (Baxendale's pregnancy prevented her from appearing on-screen in all but two episodes). Phoebe starts a relationship with Gary (Michael Rapaport), a police officer she meets after finding his badge. Although leery of moving in with Gary, she eventually relents. The relationship ends with a bang, literally, when Gary shoots a bird outside of their apartment. Monica and Chandler's relationship becomes public and on a trip to Las Vegas, they decide to get married. On a cliffhanger, Ross and Rachel drunkenly stumble out of the wedding chapel. The series received Emmy nominations in 1999 for Outstanding Comedy Series.

Friends Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode Description
#1The One After Ross Says Rachel
After having said the wrong name at the altar, Ross tries to patch things up with Emily. Monica and Chandler lay ground rules for their new relationship.
#2The One with All the Kissing
Monica and Chandler try to hide their relationship. However they both keep forgetting this when the other Friends are around and kiss each other when Chandler has to leave the room. Therefore Chandler kisses them too, to not divulge his and Monica's secret relationship. Monica is put in charge of Rachel's love life because Rachel believes that she makes bad decisions, and Phoebe's water breaks and is upset that her bond with the triplets is coming to an end but glad she no longer has to do 'pregnant stuff.'
#3The One Hundredth (The One with the Triplets)
Phoebe gives birth to her brother's triplets. Chandler (the baby) is a girl. Joey gets sick at the hospital, with kidney stones. Chandler tells Monica that he is just goofing around in their relationship and Monica threatens to date one of Phoebe's male nurses.
#4The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS
Phoebe tries to find a selfless good deed and prove Joey wrong. Emily agrees to come to New York - if Ross promises to stop being friends with Rachel. Chandler and Monica continue to hide their relationship.
#5The One with the Kips
Chandler and Monica go away for the weekend but spend the entire time fighting. Ross tells Rachel about his agreement with Emily. Joey finds out about Monica and Chandler.
#6The One with the Yeti
Emily's demands become more and more unreasonable, so Ross tells her she's got to trust him or their marriage won't work. Monica and Rachel are scared by a very hairy guy who came at them with a wrench in the dark.
#7The One Where Ross Moves In
Ross moves in with Chandler and Joey, but he constantly annoys the guys. Phoebe dates a health inspector who keeps shutting down her favorite restaurants. Rachel and Monica are invited to their new neighbor's party but Rachel is reluctant to go.
#8The One with All the Thanksgivings
Past Thanksgivings are revealed. Rachel reveals Monica's worst Thanksgiving which Chandler takes offense to.
#9The One with Ross's Sandwich
Ross loses his temper - and possibly his job - after someone eats his sandwich. Joey gets tired of hiding Monica and Chandler's secret. Phoebe and Rachel go to a class together but Rachel is not taking the class seriously but Phoebe only wants to learn.
#10The One with the Inappropriate Sister
Pheobe volunteers to help collect money for the poor during Christmas time. Ross helps Joey write a screenplay. Rachel starts dating Danny, but is put off by his very close relationship with his sister.
#11The One with All the Resolutions
The gang makes New Year's resolutions: Chandler cannot make fun of his friends, Rachel will gossip less, Ross will do something new daily, Joey will learn to play the guitar, Phoebe will pilot a commercial jet and Monica promises to take more pictures of her friends. Rachel finds out about Monica and Chandler but can't tell anyone because of her resolution. Ross has trouble with his new leather pants while Phoebe teaches Joey how to play the guitar.
#12The One with Chandler's Work Laugh
Monica finds out that Chandler kisses up to his boss at work. Ross learns Emily is engaged again, and has a one-night stand with someone the group is all too familiar with.
#13The One with Joey's Bag
Phoebe's grandmother dies, and she meets someone she's been looking for since childhood. Rachel convinces Joey to start carrying a 'man's bag' to help him get a part in a movie.
#14The One Where Everybody Finds Out
Phoebe finds out about Monica and Chandler, so she and Rachel play practical jokes on them. Monica and Chandler realize something's up so they play along. Ugly Naked Guy sublets his apartment and is greeted with a number of applicants - including Ross. Chandler and Monica admit that they love each other.
#15The One with the Girl Who Hits Joey
Joey dates a girl who likes to punch him (Soleil Moon Frye). Ross gets off on the wrong foot with his new neighbors. Chandler and Monica have problems with their relationship.
#16The One with the Cop
Phoebe finds a police badge at the coffeehouse and has fun pretending she's a cop - until she pulls it on the owner, a cop named Gary, who later successfully asks her out for dinner. Ross buys a new couch, but he and Rachel struggle to lift it up to his apartment. Joey feels like he needs to have a relationship similar to Monica and Chandler's.
#17The One with Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss
Rachel interviews with Ralph Lauren and accidentally kisses her interviewer. Monica wants to prove that she and Chandler are a hotter couple than Phoebe and her new boyfriend. Joey flirts with a girl across the street--in Ross' buildling, but he can't seem to find her.
#18The One Where Rachel Smokes
Rachel tries to take up smoking so she'll feel more included at work. Ben and Joey audition for a soup commercial. Monica and Phoebe throw a party, and Phoebe steals the spotlight.
#19The One Where Ross Can't Flirt
Ross has trouble flirting with the pizza delivery girl. Joey invites his grandmother over to watch his role on Law and Order - but his part's been cut. Monica lends Phoebe a pair of earrings that Chandler gave her; Phoebe lends them to Rachel who loses one.
#20The One with the Ride-Along
Ross, Joey and Chandler go on a ride-along with Phoebe's cop boyfriend Gary, but in an attempt to save his sandwich from a car backfire, Joey ends up saving Ross as well. Meanwhile, while finding margarita ingredients, Rachel intercepts a message from Emily, but accidentally deletes it soon after.
#21The One with the Ball
Phoebe and Gary move in together - then break up after he shoots a bird. Rachel buys a hairless Sphinx cat, which disturbs her. The rest of the gang tosses a ball around for a very long time.
#22The One with Joey's Big Break
Joey gets the lead in a movie; Chandler doesn't think it's his big break. Phoebe is mad at Ross, but can't remember why. Rachel has to see the eye doctor but doesn't want to.
#23The One in Vegas, Part One
Monica has lunch with Richard but doesn't want to tell Chandler. The gang goes to Las Vegas to see Joey. Rachel wanders around her apartment naked, catching the attention of Ross. The two then decide to go to Vegas to see their friends.
#24The One in Vegas, Part Two
When Ross and Rachel arrive in Vegas, they get drunk on alcohol. Joey discovers the man with the 'exact same hand as me'. Phoebe gets thrown out of a casino, though she returns, posing as 'Regina Phlangey,' which is where she and Joey get thrown out. Chandler and Monica contemplate marriage, and almost go through with it - until they see Ross and Rachel drunkenly stumbling out of the chapel!
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